‘There is life on Mars,’ says the narrator. A strange study suggests that alien mushrooms are blooming on Mars.


‘There is life on Mars,’ says the narrator. A strange study suggests that alien mushrooms are blooming on Mars.

A CONTROVERSIAL scientist dubbed “Space Tiger King” by some claims to have discovered evidence of life on Mars. What is the proof? NASA photos of “martian mushrooms.”

Although the quest for life on Mars has been unsuccessful thus far, a group of fringe ET researchers believes they have discovered the holy grail. The Red Planet is teeming with alien life, according to a study published in the journal Advances in Microbiology. The newly-published research claims to have discovered signs of lichen, mushrooms, and other types of fungi on Mars, rather than small green folks wandering around the bleak, rusty-brown planet.

The strange allegation is based on a variety of photographs collected by several rovers and probes exploring Mars on the planet’s surface as well as from orbit.

The report says that what NASA scientists have identified as pebbles are alien puffballs, presumably seeded on Mars through cosmic interactions with Earth.

The researchers also claim to have seen mushrooms develop in real time after comparing NASA photos collected over a period of many sols (Martian days).

A photo taken on sol 1145 appears to reveal nine “spherical and semi-spherical specimens” poking out of the ground in the Meridiani Planum region of the planet.

A photo taken three days later reveals an additional 12 objects that appeared out of nowhere.

Could this be proof of extraterrestrial life? Is it possible that the wind is washing away the earth, exposing more of the rocks?

In other cases, the researchers matched NASA photos of the “Martian specimens” to puffballs found on Earth, concluding that they are indeed the actual thing.

“It is well-established that a range of terrestrial creatures survive Mars-like conditions,” the researchers said in their paper.

“It would be astonishing if there was no life on Mars, given the possibility that Earth has been seeding Mars with life and that life has been regularly transmitted between worlds.

“However, unlike terrestrial organisms, Martian fungus, moulds, algae, and other potential life-forms would have evolved in response to the harsh Martian environment’s low temperatures, sporadic availability of water, low amounts of free oxygen, and high levels of radiation.”

“Growth, mobility, changes in position and shape, all of which comprise behavior, when combined with life-like morphology, greatly support the theory that there is life on the planet.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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