There are nine lives! Owners are astounded when their cat “comes back from the dead” – “Ashes by the bed”


There are nine lives! Owners are astounded when their cat “comes back from the dead” – “Ashes by the bed”

Owners of cats who assumed their cherished pet had died and been cremated were surprised to find the feline on their doorstep.

When cat Frankie failed to return home on May 19, Rachel Fitzsimons, 40, her husband John, and their two children were devastated.

They looked everywhere in Warrington, Cheshire, with the support of the local people.

When they found a deceased cat of the same size and color a few days later, they assumed the 16-year-old was dead.

Mrs Fitzsimons told Manchester Evening News, “We went past a few times, obviously at speed, but the cat looked like Frankie.”

“My husband took a photo as well, but the cat was horribly injured and difficult to identify.

“We contacted the Highways Agency, who were quite helpful and went out to check for the body multiple times.

“I described Frankie as a fluffy tabby with a white stomach, and the dead cat matched that description.

“They couldn’t chop it because it was decapitated,” says the narrator. Because we live so close to the highway, it appeared to be our cat.

“We went to fetch the body, but didn’t look at it since it was too upsetting.”

The mother had the cat cremated in the hopes of bringing closure to the family.

“Remy was distraught when he went missing since he typically slept with Frankie on his bed every night,” she told the Manchester Evening News.

“He sobbed uncontrollably.

“When we received the ashes, Remy placed them next to his bed.

“For days following, we were all in tears.”

Frankie returned home 22 days after he went away, as if nothing had occurred.

Mrs Fitzsimons added, “He was bedraggled and quite thin, but we got him checked out at the veterinarians and he’s fine.”

“We have no idea where he’s been, but we’re overjoyed to see him again.”


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