The X-rated photo caught many looking for Loch Ness on Google Maps off guard.


The X-rated photo caught many looking for Loch Ness on Google Maps off guard.

When one Twitter user looked for Loch Ness on Google Maps, he was met with an X-rated image of a naked male.

When a Google Maps user searched ‘Loch Ness’ on street view in the hopes of discovering the fabled Loch Ness monster, he was taken aback. Instead, he came across a picture of a naked man holding a selfie stick. He shared the photo with his Twitter followers, who were in stitches.

“Public announcement: In Google Maps, search ‘Loch Ness’ and click on street view (I apologize in advance).”

When you activate street view, you’ll see a variety of lovely shots of the countryside, including ancient ruins and lush foliage, but then you’ll see an unexpected photograph of a naked male. He’s using a selfie stick to take a selfie while standing on a patio with loungers and chairs behind him.

A pool can be seen through the windows, and another individual appears to be sunbathing fully clothed.

The racy snapshot, unsurprisingly, has gone viral. “That is no man…that is Nessie!” exclaimed one witness. “If it is Nessie, I wish we had never found him,” said another.

“How is the hashtag for this article not C**kness?” joked a third. Another simply stated, “This is hilarious.”

When they went to look for the site, some reported the image had been taken down because the link didn’t function, while others responded, “Lucky you, it worked for me.”

According to some theories, the area was briefly hidden by Google Maps after the amusing snapshot went viral.

According to one user, the individual in issue has a tendency of posting naked photos on Google Maps. “I did some digging and discovered that he submits his nudes to major attractions on Google, such as Disney World and a Japanese all-girls high school,” they added.

“The big number of views on the images turns him on.”


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