The worst breakfast choices — and drinks – you might be making if you have type 2 diabetes.


The worst breakfast choices — and drinks – you might be making if you have type 2 diabetes.

DIABETES and blood glucose control go hand in hand; the goal is to keep blood glucose (i.e. sugar) within a healthy range, and nutrition plays an important role in this.

Jenna Hope, a nutritionist, discusses sugar-laden breakfast options that could raise your blood glucose levels. These may be the worst breakfast options if you have type 2 diabetes. “Sugar concentrations in low-fat, flavoured yoghurts are generally higher,” Hope said. “When lipids are eliminated from a food, the palatability is affected, hence sugar is frequently added to retain palatability and taste.”

If you enjoy yoghurt in the morning, Hope suggests choosing full-fat Greek yoghurt to help control blood sugar levels.

Granola is a popular pick from the cereal department in the supermarket for certain people.

“Some store-bought granolas are rich in added sugars or syrups,” Hope said.

Check the cereal boxes for the phrase “no added sugars” or make your own.

Hope also advises avoiding dried fruit in favor of granola cereals with more nuts and seeds.

“Choosing nuts and seeds high in fiber, healthy fats, and protein is also a wonderful approach to enhance your fiber, healthy fats, and protein intakes,” Hope added.

While we’re on the subject of cereals, Hope recommends choosing cereals with fewer than 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

Hope also mentioned that flavored milks might be rich in sugar, so mixing it into your breakfast cereal might not be a good idea.

What about jam and crumpets? Hope warns that consuming this can cause blood sugar levels to spike and fall.

“When your blood sugar levels drop, you’re more inclined to seek sweet foods and eat more of them,” she warns.

Instead of crumpets, Hope recommends seeded sourdough bread, which includes fiber that helps reduce the release of sugar into the circulation.

Hope recommended Bertinet Bakery seeded sourdough. “As a substitute to crumpets, the softer loaf is ideal.”

“Sourdough bread is fermented and provides a source of pre and probiotics to maintain a healthy gut,” Hope continued.

“In addition, instead of jam, try peanut butter, smoked salmon, egg, or cream cheese as a higher-protein, lower-sugar toast topper.”

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