The world is on high alert as China and Russia issue a grim message by announcing plans to combine their military.


The world is on high alert as China and Russia issue a grim message by announcing plans to combine their military.

THE RISK OF RUSSIA AND CHINA DEVELOPING COMBINED MILITARY CAPACITIES, which might lead to another deterioration in relations with the West, is rising.

According to analysts, the two rogue regimes are about to share their electric communications infrastructure in order to reinforce their strategic presence. In the western area of Ningxia, Moscow and Beijing have been conducting a drill with about 10,000 troops. Early warning and reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and combined strikes, according to their defense ministries’ statements.

Because of China and Russia’s recent communication with the Taliban, experts are said to be keeping a careful eye on the operation.

It comes after the United States and many other Western countries began withdrawing from Afghanistan, leaving the already war-torn country in shambles.

Signs that Moscow and Beijing are learning to coordinate missions and execute coordinated operations are being closely monitored.

“This is the first time the Chinese are really plunging in, allowing the Russians to join in one of their exercises,” Roderick Lee, research director of the China Aerospace Studies Institute at Air University, told the Financial Times.

“Dedicated bilateral drills are frequently geared at strengthening relationships rather than actual warfighting capabilities.”

Russia’s decision to participate in the drills, according to Mikhail Barabanov, a senior study fellow at the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, was “undoubtedly a move toward greater engagement and military cooperation.”

“It appears that this cooperation will deepen sooner than envisaged, incorporating all of both parties’ new strategies,” he added.

While the alliance between Moscow and Beijing isn’t formalized, experts think their forces might start forming joint command structures to improve their cooperation.

“I’m a little dubious when they say this isn’t an alliance,” Mr Lee added.

“There will be some interoperability in a conflict or crisis if we see them working side by side and they start exchanging some intelligence and communications.”

Russian soldiers will be permitted access to Beijing’s inventory of armored vehicles for the first time, according to Chinese military media.

Mr Lee continued, “The concern is whether they are enabling the Russians access to some of the information systems on that.”

“The Russians may begin to grant China access to some of its space-based or telecommunication assets.

“I get the impression they’re heading in that direction.”

Military drills between China and Russia. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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