‘The world has come to a halt.’ As Belgium’s shelves are empty and France is in difficulty, the EU argument is destroyed.


‘The world has come to a halt.’ As Belgium’s shelves are empty and France is in difficulty, the EU argument is destroyed.

EMPTY supermarket shelves in Belgium and a 40,000-strong shortage of HGV drivers in France have prompted UK lawmakers to claim that the UK is not the only country experiencing a lorry shortage.

The debate over driver shortages in the United Kingdom and Europe has spurred EU commentators to blame Brexit. However, the issue exists in a number of countries within the EU. The chairman of the Time Party UK, Robert Kimbell, brought attention to this. “Meanwhile, in France…,” he tweeted, alongside a link to a report on the situation across the Channel.

“France is short of 40,000 to 50,000 truck drivers.”

Due to a strike by a logistical contractor, Belgium’s grocery shelves have been bare, according to Martin Daubney, deputy leader of the Reclaim Party.

He went after Remainers who were also blaming Brexit. “The shortages in Belgium aren’t due to Brexit, just as they aren’t here,” Mr Daubney wrote on Twitter, “but observe the wrath!” The Remoaner mentality has always been characterized by a complete lack of humour.” The association of Belgian transport and logistics service companies, Febetra, has highlighted the country’s 5,000 lorry driver employment openings.

“Without truck drivers, the world stops turning,” said Isabelle De Maegt, a Febetra representative. “We don’t realize it enough.”

“Without them, grocery and retail shelves remain empty, construction sites come to a halt, and factories shut down.”

France’s Prime Minister, Jean Castex, unveiled plans Wednesday to address the country’s labor shortages in a variety of areas, notably road transportation.

According to the Union la Fédération nationale des transports routiers (FNTR), France’s road transportation sector is likewise suffering from a driver shortage.

However, France does not appear to be facing the same fuel shortages as the United Kingdom.

According to Sagess, which administers French petrol stocks, the country’s depots had enough fuel to last 90 days.

In France, there are 89 storage locations with a total of 13.9 million tonnes of fuel supply stockpiles.

According to Florence Berthelot, a spokesperson of the French FNTR union, the situation in France is “not as severe as it is in the UK.”

The present HGV driver shortfall in France, according to Ms Berthelot, is due to existing workers hitting retirement age.

She stated that low wages were also a problem in France.

“Candidates are often put off by. “Brinkwire Summary News,” Ms Berthelot stated.


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