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‘The Woodies’ are no longer speaking to each other after a sad fallout 

Australia’s greatest tennis duo ‘The Woodies’ are no longer on speaking terms. 

Mark Woodforde, 54, revealed he hasn’t spoken to his doubles partner and lifelong friend, Todd Woodbridge, 49, for ‘some time’ on a podcast on Tuesday.

Woodforde, who lives in California, said he felt betrayed when Woodbridge decided to play on the legends tour with Sweden’s Jonas Bjorkman instead of him.  

The Woodies dominated the tennis court for over a decade after they teamed up in 1990 and won 11 tennis grand slam doubles titles, 61 ATP doubles tournaments, and received a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics.

‘It’s probably one of the greatest quandaries right now. I wish Todd and I were in a better place,’ Woodforde said on the Break Point podcast. 

Woodforde retired from tennis in 2000 and Woodbridge teamed up with Bjorkman where they found more success on the court, winning another five grand slams.

He said their success was nowhere near on the same level as The Woodies.   

‘I guess The Woodies drifted into the background for him and he’s developing his own brand,’ Woodforde said. 

‘So it’s disappointing for me, I still play the legends events so it’s kind of a head-scratcher to turn up and we’re not playing together.’

Woodforde said he hopes to one day rekindle his friendship with his former teammate. 

But Woodbridge said in January he is still close with Woodforde, insisting the pair still talked to each other and were very close despite living in different countries. 

‘We are good friends and what we achieved together is very special,’ Woodbridge told the Herald Sun. 

‘We don’t work a lot together or spend a huge amount of time together. We are very different characters and we live in different countries these days.

Woodbridge said the pair would always be close because they created an iconic Australian sports partnership.

‘When you can make it into Australian vernacular as ‘The Woodies’, well, then I think you have done something quite incredible,’ he said. 

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