The whole list of Royal Family codenames, from the Queen through Prince Harry.


The whole list of Royal Family codenames, from the Queen through Prince Harry.

THE ROYAL FAMILY is extremely well-known and significant, which necessitates additional security measures on a regular basis to protect their safety. So, from the Queen to Prince Harry, here are all of The Firm’s codenames.

Members of the Royal Family are extremely important not only to their families, but also to the rest of the world. This means that protocols and strategies for major life events are created ahead of time to guarantee that these events are handled sensitively, successfully, and in a timely manner. The plans for Prince Philip’s death, which were carried out earlier this year, had been in the works for some years – all under the cover of a top-secret code name.

The Royal Family has a series of secret code words that can be used to keep members of the Firm up to date on particular occasions.

The Queen’s confidential secretary mentioned these code names in the fourth series of Netflix drama The Crown.

“All members of the Royal Family have contingency plans in place,” he stated.

The Queen then tells her husband, Prince Philip, about some of the code names for particular Royal Family members who have died.

“We’re all bridges,” she explained, “and the name was chosen to indicate a link between this life and the next.”

Prince Philip died in April, and his death was code-named Forth Bridge.

Forth Bridge is a bridge in Edinburgh that was chosen because of the Duke of Edinburgh’s title.

After he died, a series of measures known as Operation Forth Bridge were carried out.

The arrangements had been in place for years, and they had been modified on a regular basis to suit Philip and the Queen’s wishes.

The announcement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death – Buckingham Palace’s formal statement to the BBC and Press Association – was the first portion.

The code words “London Bridge is down” are expected to be used when the Queen passes away.

The Queen’s private secretary will be in charge of telling the public about the vital news and initiating the protocol.

Her mother’s code name was Tay Bridge, which is a Scottish bridge that spans the Firth of Tay.

Operation Tay Bridge was the name given to the Queen Mother’s death and funeral plans, which had been rehearsed for 22 years before the term was coined in 2002.

When the Queen’s father, King George VI, died in 1952, the palace used the to inform government officials. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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