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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10, Episode 14 Preview: Beta’s Revenge

Beta (Ryan Hurst) will be back in “The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 14 and he will be looking for revenge after the events in the previous episodes. The heroes on the other hand will look for some hope after the devastating war against the Whisperers.

With Alpha (Samantha Morton) gone, the heroes will send Beta a message by putting her head on display for everyone to see. A preview video of the next episode shows Beta approaching the zombie head of his former leader. He will take the head with him and one of the teaser scenes shows his grief.

While the heroes try and move on from the war to something better, Beta will have a plan of his own for revenge. The character can be seen standing on top of a building while zombies walk on the streets.

The other big character who will be deeply affected by Alpha’s death will be Carol (Melissa McBride). An extended preview of “The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 14 that has surfaced online shows Carol hearing the voice of her dead enemy and seeing visions of her.

“Carol. I’m always watching,” Alpha says in the vision. The voices that Carol keeps hearing will affect her judgement. One of the issues that will affect her state of mind is the deal she previously had with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The next episode will begin with a flashback sequence between Carol and Negan. Carol promised Negan that he will be able to redeem himself in the eyes of the people if he brings her Alpha’s head. Now that the deed is done, the former villain may not get what he wanted.

Meanwhile, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) will take a group of people to meet Stephanie (Margot Bingham). He knows that it seems foolish, but he hopes to make friends with another civilization and look forward to a brighter future after everything that they have lost.

“The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 14 is titled “Look at the Flowers.” It will air on March 29 at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.

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