The veil between Brussels and Germany is pierced as a top German MEP seeks an EU army: ‘We need strength!’


The veil between Brussels and Germany is pierced as a top German MEP seeks an EU army: ‘We need strength!’

EUROPHILES have used the disastrous departure from Afghanistan to bolster their determination to establish an EU army.

Following America’s withdrawal from the war-torn country last month, German politician Manfred Weber stated at a recent meeting that “the hour for Europe is only now striking” in world affairs. Mr. Weber, the leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament, has warned that if the EU withdraws from conflicts across the world, China and Russia will “fill the void.”

“Europe, in general, requires military capabilities,” he continued.

“Take, for example, the cyberwar. Russia is launching a hybrid war in Lithuania, Latvia, and elsewhere. The Irish health-care system has been paralyzed recently.

“Attacks on public infrastructure are becoming more frequent.

“A European task force with drones and a cyber brigade to protect the online infrastructure is required.”

Mr. Weber continued by saying that Europeans must “continue to reflect our principles,” which he defined as human rights, freedom, and women’s rights.

While the prevalent sentiment in Germany may be to say “goodbye to international assignments,” he warned that such short-term thinking will backfire.

“I can only caution against that,” he continued.

“If we retire from combat, we will awaken tomorrow in a world that is not ours, with issues of an entirely different magnitude.

“We require courage. We need the fortitude to own up to our mistakes.”

The German politician went on to mention Mali, where German and French military personnel are collaborating with local forces to combat an insurrection.

He believes that tight cooperation should continue and grow.

“The future Federal Chancellor (of Germany) should discuss joint European missions with the French President,” he continued.

“In the near future, the EU should be able to secure an airport similar to the one in Kabul by working together.

“I’m sorry, but the EU has been absolutely taken aback in the last few days. It was a NATO operation, after all. In fact, Europe’s hour has only just arrived.

“That is why it irritates me that the European Council has yet to hold a special session in which the European nations coordinate.

“The Western world is at a fork in the road. You must not be deceived in any way.

“Everyone has their eyes on Washington. Even under Joe Biden, the core policy of putting America first hasn’t changed much.

“Even Boris Johnson, the United States’ closest ally.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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