The usage of the royal title in a memoir has sparked outrage in the United States. ‘You’ve arrived in America!’


The usage of the royal title in a memoir has sparked outrage in the United States. ‘You’ve arrived in America!’

US-based royal pundits have mocked Prince Harry for using his titles of Prince and Duke of Sussex in his new memoir.

Prince Harry has been chastised for using his royal titles to promote his new autobiography. The Duke’s statement announcing the partnership with Penguin Publishing House began with Harry admitting that the book will be published “not as the prince I was born, but as the man I have become.” However, Us Weekly’s royal critic Molly Mulshine was enraged when Harry later signed off the same remark with a signature in the style of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

“He said he’s not writing this as a prince, he’s writing it as the man he’s become,” Ms Mulshine stated on the Us Royally podcast.

“However, he signed it Prince Harry Duchess of Sussex,” she said.

“You look like you’ve arrived in America!”

“The titles aren’t used.”

“I think people are having trouble with that,” said co-host Joe Drake.

“There’s a lot of this, not as a prince, but as a guy, but it’s all over…

Prince Harry’s signature appears on the document.”

The pair had criticized the Duke earlier in the program for his frequent use of “cliches.”

Ms Mulshine called the announcement “word salad” in a scathing critique of the royal’s writing abilities on Royally Us.

“My initial impression is the writer in me and the former editor in me, and I just hope his ghostwriter is going to talk to him about the usage of cliches,” Ms Mulshine said on the show.

” ‘I’ve worn a lot of hats, both literally and metaphorically.’ What! Is he going to devote an entire chapter to the physical hats he’s worn?

“It’s a lot of cliches, a lot of global salad,” she says.

“And you, like you said, it is going to be ‘accurate and fully truthful,’” she said, turning to co-host Joe Drake.

I certainly hope so! It’s a memoir, after all!”

Mr Drake responded, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to distort the truth.”

“As if I’m going to give you the truth about what happened.

“However, you are correct; it should not be necessary to state that it will be truthful.

“By definition, a memoir should be honest.”


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