The United States is on high alert, with officials warning that “seven ISIS suicide bombers are on the loose.”


The United States is on high alert, with officials warning that “seven ISIS suicide bombers are on the loose.”

US OFFICERS in Kabul are on high alert after a new warning about a “imminent attack” on foreigners in the nation, amid accusations that “seven ISIS suicide bombers” are still roaming the Afghan city.

According to a US intelligence report, seven ISIS militants, suspected to be suicide bombers, are still on the loose in Kabul. This comes as US officials have issued a new caution to US citizens, advising them to avoid the Kabul airport’s gates in the event of future strikes. According to Anas Mallick, a WION reporter on the ground, the threat was directed at “hotels, embassies, and the airport.”

Mr Mallick believes that seven ISIS militants are on the run following the Kabul airport attack, according to US intelligence.

“Kabul is still in mourning and reeling after the attacks,” he informed viewers.

“The city center where I am is normally busy, but the bomber strikes have had an impact.

“There is an impending danger. We received a threat from foreign intelligence that at least seven suicide bombers are on the loose,” says the source.

“They left a mosque in central Kabul,” he added. They are likely to target foreigner-infested locations, such as hotels, embassies, and airports.

“On the basis of this threat assessment, US intelligence ordered Western journalists to stay away from the airport just hours ago.”

“Because of security threats at the Kabul airport, we continue to advise US persons to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates,” the US threat alert added.

Earlier today, the US military claimed to have killed a planner for the Islamic State’s Afghanistan branch in a drone attack in the country’s east.

In Nangarhar province, a suspected ISIS-K member was attacked.

President Joe Biden had just hours before committed to track down the terrorists responsible for Thursday’s suicide bombing.

ISIS-K, or Islamic State Khorasan Province, claimed responsibility for a Thursday attack near Kabul airport that killed up to 170 people, including 13 US personnel.

ISIS-K is the most radical and violent of all the Afghan jihadist militant groups.

The airport attack comes as the capital has been undergoing a massive airlift since the Taliban took power earlier this month.

According to the “Brinkwire Summary News,” all foreign forces are anticipated to leave the country by August 31.


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