The United Kingdom has been urged to go nuclear in order to boost the modern economy after the Brexit vote.


Britain is being urged to go nuclear in order to turbocharge the modern economy after the Brexit vote.

BUSINESS leaders are urging Boris Johnson to increase the UK’s nuclear energy production in order to help him achieve his net-zero goal by 2050.

In a new report, the Independent Business Network (IBN) claims that nuclear energy is the cheapest low-carbon source of electricity in the long run.

It claims to be 65 percent less expensive than gas with carbon capture and storage (CCS) and 36 percent less expensive than onshore wind over the long term.

According to the IBN, pro-nuclear France has reduced emissions per unit of energy six times faster than Germany, which has focused on solar and wind power.

According to the IBN, the French strategy is also significantly less expensive for taxpayers.

The business group is also urging the government to lift the moratorium on fracking, claiming that it has “huge potential” as a bridge to a zero-carbon future for the UK.

“What the country needs is a net zero strategy that is sympathetic to both the needs of the planet and the needs of the economy,” said John Longworth, chairman of the Independent Business Network.

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“The government’s current strategy is based on pandering to eco-hysterics like Greta Thunberg and Pierce Corbyn’s melodrama.

We need to take the cheapest, not the most fashionable, path to net-zero.

The numbers speak for themselves: nuclear power and fracking are required.

Nuclear power is not cuddly, but it is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, safe, and secure.

We can accurately forecast how much electricity will be delivered to the national grid on any given day, unlike wind.”

“Rather than relying on gas from Vladimir Putin, who isn’t known for his dependability,” he said of shale gas, “we could be producing it here and finally delivering British jobs for British workers… rather than Russian workers.”

As part of a green revolution in air travel, British Airways plans to launch the first commercial flights powered by sustainable jet fuel next year.

To power BA’s fleet, green jet fuel produced in the United States could be blended with traditional fossil fuel.

In addition, the airline is collaborating with fuel companies on four projects in the United Kingdom to produce green jet fuel, which could be used to power its aircraft.

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