‘The United Kingdom demonstrates that the EU is unnecessary!’ Brussels renews the EU Army plot with 5,000 troops, causing Nexit rage.


‘The United Kingdom demonstrates that the EU is unnecessary!’ Brussels renews the EU Army plot with 5,000 troops, causing Nexit rage.

Nexit campaigners in the Netherlands are enraged by growing calls in Brussels for the development of an EU army.

EU governments are attempting to construct a 5,000-strong “first entry force” two decades after agreeing to create a 50,000-60,000-strong force but failing to make it operational. They’re hoping to get an agreement on the design by March 2022.

Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy leader, stated that the bloc should establish a military fast response force to intervene in future crises and help stabilize fragile democracies abroad.

The EU’s foreign policy head feels that the time has come to acquire military independence from the US.

Last Saturday, he advocated for a 50,000-strong European expeditionary force “to operate in situations like the one we’re seeing today in Afghanistan.”

The unilateral action by the United States was criticized by European government leaders.

The European Council’s President, Charles Michel, has stated that he wants the EU to achieve strategic independence as soon as possible.

“We don’t need another major geopolitical disaster to understand that the EU needs to strive for greater decision-making autonomy and global action capacity,” he said.

Two senior officials, commenting on the condition of anonymity, expressed disappointment that the EU, as an economic power, was unable to secure Kabul airport for a further three days after the US exit deadline of August 31 to allow for more evacuations.

France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, a non-EU member, were among those who requested more time to finish evacuations of their nationals and Afghans during a massive airlift staged by Western forces after the Taliban gained control of the country on August 15.

Nexit Denktank campaigners were outraged by the EU chiefs’ plans, accusing europhiles in Brussels of scheming to turn the bloc into a union of “provinces” rather than member nations.

“The EU says we need to form an EU army with 5,000 men at first,” they screamed (first they said 50,000).

“Does everyone now realize that the EU is not a union of workers?

Biden arrives late and declares the Afghan pullout a “amazing success.”

“Against the will of the people, the unelected EU seeks to become a country with the Netherlands and other countries as provinces.

“For trade, we don’t need the EU.

“The British, the Swiss, and indeed the rest of the world outside the EU demonstrate this. “Brinkwire Summary News” is an example of “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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