The UK meets with the Taliban to discuss a “challenge” to save stranded British soldiers in Afghanistan.


The UK meets with the Taliban to discuss a “challenge” to save stranded British soldiers in Afghanistan.

THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT has revealed that it is in talks with the Taliban to arrange the safe passage of British citizens who remain stranded in Afghanistan.

Sir Simon Gass, the special representative for the Afghan transition, has travelled to Doha, Qatar, to meet with senior members of the militant group, according to a Downing Street official. They also discussed allowing safe passage out of Afghanistan to Afghans who had worked for the UK over the past 20 years. Simon Gass, the Prime Minister’s special representative for Afghan transition, has traveled to Doha, according to the spokeswoman.

“He is meeting with senior Taliban members to stress the necessity of British people and Afghans who have served with us for the past 20 years being able to leave Afghanistan safely.”

Since April, more than 17,000 Britons, Afghans, and other vulnerable persons have been evacuated from the country, according to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

He did admit, though, that any remaining Britons leaving Afghanistan would be a “problem” after the withdrawal was officially concluded yesterday.

The Foreign Secretary said he didn’t know when Kabul Airport would reopen and recommended anybody who wanted to visit the UK to take a different route through neighboring nations.

The Foreign Office (FCDO) had previously announced that it had despatched 15 specially trained crisis response employees to Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to assist those attempting to enter the UK.

Within the next 48 hours, three teams were expected to arrive in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

They will aid British diplomats in assisting UK residents and Afghans who are most at risk of being deported to the United Kingdom.

The FCDO stated that it was attempting to identify ways for people to cross borders that had been closed due to Afghanistan’s insecurity.

The government stated that everybody attempting to enter the UK will be subjected to security and identity checks.

Millions of dollars in aid have been promised to neighboring nations if they agree to temporarily house tens of thousands of refugees while they are processed for transit to Europe and the United States.

Heiko Maas, Germany’s foreign minister, announced that the EU will provide €100 million in aid and Germany would provide another €500 million to neighboring nations to help with border management and extremism.

The Taliban’s control has resulted in a massive migration from Afghanistan, as people urgently try to flee the Taliban’s grip.


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