‘The UK is facing the worst terror threat in years.’ Experts have issued a warning following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.


‘The UK is facing the worst terror threat in years.’ Experts have issued a warning following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, military experts have warned that Britain faces its “biggest terror threat in years.”

Former British military officers and Afghan analysts have called the current scenario the “biggest threat” from Jihadist terrorism since the advent of the Islamic State. The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre now rates the terror threat level in the United Kingdom as “substantial.”

This signifies that an assault on the United Kingdom is considered likely.

However, “significant” falls between “severe” and “critical.”

Colonel Richard Kemp, speaking on Times Radio, claimed Britain is facing the “greatest threat from terrorism since the Islamic State was at its peak.”

Colonel Kemp claimed that despite the Taliban’s promise not to become a haven for Islamist terrorism, they “will allow and probably encourage Jihadists from all over the world to pour into the country, who plan, meet, prepare, train, organise, and carry out strikes against the west from Afghanistan.”

Colonel Kemp called on the government to upgrade the threat level before his interview on Times Radio. He warned of a “instant heightened threat level” from British Jihadists influenced by events in Afghanistan.

Sir Nicholas Kay, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Afghanistan from 2017 to 2019, said the government could not trust the Taliban in Kabul, adding, “I don’t think they’ve changed.”

The warning comes as the Prime Minister puts pressure on the Taliban to keep their vow to prevent terrorism from spreading in Afghanistan.

“If the new regime in Kabul wants diplomatic recognition or to unlock the billions that are currently frozen, they must ensure safe passage for those who wish to leave the country, respect the rights of women and girls, and prevent Afghanistan from becoming an incubator for global terror, which would be disastrous for Afghanistan,” Boris Johnson said.

Mr Johnson’s Conservative colleague Johnny Mercer, who served in the British Army in Afghanistan on three tours, wrote in the Sunday Times that the Taliban were “the same assortment of thugs, criminals, and paedophiles with no respect for human life I battled against.”

Another Tory MP with military expertise, Tobias Ellwood, also warned that the UK terror threat was on the rise.

“Terrorism will rear its ugly head again,” stated the chairman of the Commons Defence Select Committee.

Despite the fears, a Whitehall official told The Times that there is no evidence that Daesh poses a higher threat in the aftermath. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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