The UK is bracing for a SUB-ZERO blast as the chilly Arctic frost sweeps over the country.


The UK is bracing for a SUB-ZERO blast as the chilly Arctic frost sweeps over the country.

TEMPERATURES ARE EXPECTED TO FALL BELOW ZERO in the United Kingdom as an arctic Arctic frost sweeps the country.

Scotland will be the first to face severely cold weather, according to the latest WX Charts, with temperatures projected to drop to zero degrees by October 15. The cold will only stay a few days, as temperatures will rise to as high as 10 degrees by October 19.

However, the warmer weather will only last a few days in Scotland before temperatures fall once more.

Temperatures will plummet to -2 degrees on Saturday, October 23, with Fort William and Inverness due to bear the brunt of the cold.

According to, this is due to freezing Arctic air moving south on the Greenland high’s eastern edge.

While Scotland will get an early start to winter, the rest of the country will experience temperatures as low as 2 degrees by October 15.

Northern Ireland and the north of England will have lower temperatures, while London and the south will experience temperatures as high as 16 degrees.

However, by the morning of October 16, the cooler weather will have spread across the country, bringing a cold breeze to the south and London.

Temperatures in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will rise over the coming week, similar to those in Scotland.

On October 23, however, many Britons will wake up to a cold, frosty morning as temperatures are anticipated to plummet below zero.

Temperatures will continue cold as we go into November, according to WX Charts’ long-range forecast.

The cold front is predicted to hit Scotland and northern England, with “temperatures slightly below normal,” according to BBC Weather.

“The first signs of a change in the pattern will occur over the weekend,” their long-range prognosis stated.

“By Saturday night and Sunday, winds will have shifted to the south-west, allowing for a return to milder weather by the end of the weekend.”

Low-pressure systems are expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds to Scotland and Northern Ireland by the end of October, according to the BBC.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will continue to have wet weather as November begins, but England and Wales will have drier weather.

“There is the potential for some snow in the Scottish Highlands,” the BBC projected, “although it is unlikely to extend beyond the highest sections during the first week of November.”

“There are no strong warnings for extreme cold,” according to the Brinkwire Summary News.


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