The UK is bracing for a deluge of torrential rain, with 46mm causing havoc on the roads.


The UK is bracing for a deluge of torrential rain, with 46mm causing havoc on the roads.

A deluge of rain is wreaking havoc on Britain’s roads, putting the country at risk of flooding.

British residents must now abandon their hopes for a dry January in favor of torrential downpours.

The majority of the “cloud and blustery showers” will occur in the north of the country, according to the UK Met Office.

Western Scotland received 46 millimeters of rain today, with more to come.

“Early rain, heavy at times, clearing eastwards,” according to the UK Met Office’s forecast for today.

“By late afternoon, the rain will have stopped in East Anglia and southeast England.

“In the north, there will be some early hill snow.”

“From the west comes brighter, colder weather with heavy, blustery showers, wintry over hills.

“Windy and blustery” is the forecast for the entire country, according to the Met Office.

More heavy showers are expected throughout the UK until at least Wednesday, according to the medium-term forecast.

“Outbreaks of rain spreading east on Monday,” according to the forecast from Monday to Wednesday next week.

“The southeast will remain dry.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the skies will “brighten from the northwest,” according to the Met Office.

During the first half of next week, however, “overnight fog patches” are expected.

Heavy rain has caused traffic accidents on Britain’s highways.

Police have closed a motorway on the outskirts of Liverpool after a car flipped onto its side in the rain.

“Police were called at 11am,” a Merseyside Police spokesperson said of the incident.

“One of the vehicles had rolled over.

“There were no injuries reported.”

“As officers recover the vehicle, the M62 is closed.”

“It was a biblical storm this morning so drivers should drive to conditions,” one reader of the Liverpool Echo, tonyblueagasket, said.


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