The UK has issued an ultimatum to the EU as it prepares to use Article 16 of the Lisbon Treaty: ‘I think I could do it!’


The UK has issued an ultimatum to the EU as it prepares to use Article 16 of the Lisbon Treaty: ‘I think I could do it!’

BREXIT By not invoking Article 16 of the EU trade treaty, Britain is demonstrating “good faith,” according to a Tory minister.

Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland Secretary, has stated that “conditions have been met” for the UK to invoke Article 16 of the Brexit trade pact.

Mr Lewis stated that the United Kingdom wants to find “appropriate, long-term” solutions to the Northern Ireland Protocol dispute.

“What we’re saying is that Article 16 conditions have been met,” he stated on Sunday. We might be able to set it off.

“However, by not really activating it, we are demonstrating our good faith in trying to negotiate proper, long-term solutions.”

Both the EU and the UK have the ability to take unilateral action under Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol if the agreement causes excessive harm.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics show, Mr Lewis accused the EU of not doing enough to resolve issues around the Northern Ireland Protocol.

However, he acknowledged that regulatory checks between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom will always be necessary.

“What I’ve said, as Lord Frost and the Prime Minister have stated, there will always be an arrangement, a treaty, a mechanism between us and the EU for products flowing into the EU,” he told the program.

“It’s sometimes forgotten that because of the island’s one epidemiological unit, there has been some type of phytosanitary inspections, the SPS checks that people talk about, between Great Britain and Northern Ireland for a very, very long time.”

“As a result, some type of structure surrounding that will not change.”

“What we need to do is resolve the Protocol difficulties that are now present.”

Boris Johnson stated that the contentious protocol “may in principle function,” but that “changing it or discarding” it is the only option.

“The underlying challenge for us is that it is very difficult to operate in a climate where the EU system may decide when and how many inspections can be carried out across the Irish Sea,” the Prime Minister told BBC News Northern Ireland.

“Goods are being disrupted for no reason, and it’s absurd to have cancer treatments that can’t be moved from one region of the UK to another.”

“In theory, the protocol may function. It has enough leeway in the wording to be used in a logical manner without causing too much confusion. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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