The UK has ‘grounds for severe protest’ against the EU regarding protocol intransigence following Brexit.


BREXIT Britain has “grounds for serious complaint” with the European Union over the Northern Ireland protocol, according to GB News presenter Tom Harwood.

GB News presenter Tom Harwood has slammed in the European Union’s implementation of the Brexit protocol in a stinging monologue that addresses the trade impact on Northern Ireland. Mr Harwood argued that Brussels is guilty of applying the terms of the Brexit deal “too officiously, against the spirit of the protocol.” It comes amid a frantic dispute between Brussels and London over the controversial trade arrangements governing Northern Ireland-Great Britain trade.

Mr Harwood told GB News: “What on earth is going on with the Northern Ireland protocol?

“This is usually a dry issue but there are important goings-on and I promise these next few minutes are worth your time. Understanding this issue is vital for the unity of our country.

“The Protocol was established as a compromise – devised under the dying days of a hung parliament – designed to ensure no ‘hard border’ on the island of Ireland, allowing the free flow of goods from north to south.

“It means that – while Northern Ireland is within the UK’s customs union and outside the European Union – the protocol also keeps Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market for goods. Inside the UK’s customs union, inside the EU’s single market.”


He continued: “A halfway house that creates some trade barriers with the rest of the UK. What checks there are between Great Britain and Northern Ireland are meant to be light-touch and non-intrusive. Yet they plainly aren’t. Some shortages are being seen on Northern Irish shelves.

“Bureaucracy intense quality checks risk even medicines being disrupted. These are the same medicines that are freely available on shelves as things stand, but that are put at risk by what the European Union describes as concerns about the integrity of its own market.

“As if goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland are of such implausibly poor quality that they could somehow pollute the EU, or that almost everything has to be checked in order to spot smuggling.

“The UK has grounds for serious complaint that the EU is implementing the terms of the agreement too officiously, against the spirit of the protocol. Indeed, under the terms of the agreement, ‘trade diversion’ or ‘serious economic, societal or. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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