The UK has been cut off from £84 million in EU funds, as Frost threatens to trigger Article 16 as soon as possible.


Brexit betrayal: The UK has been cut off from £84 million in EU funds, as Frost threatens to trigger Article 16 as soon as possible.

Lord David Frost’s threat to invoke Article 16 is threatening to cost Britain an extra £84 million in science funding.

Horizon Europe, the EU’s £80 billion science and innovation project, will receive an extra €100 million (£84 million) next year as part of budget negotiations.

Support for the programme will increase to €12.2 billion (£18.65 billion) in 2022 as a result of the agreement.

MEPs made the decision after looking to increase spending on post-pandemic recovery programs.

However, because of ongoing disagreements over the Northern Ireland Protocol, the United Kingdom has been excluded from this project.

There are now fears that if Brexit Minister Lord Frost triggers Article 16, the UK will never be allowed to join.

Despite the fact that Vice President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic has warned that triggering Article 16 will have “serious consequences,” Lord Frost has said it is “very much on the table.”

This is still a “legitimate option,” he said today on Sky News.

An expert warned Lord Frost that if Article 16 is triggered, Britain may never be allowed back into Horizon Europe.

“I would think that if Article 16 is invoked, it would take our association with the project off the table entirely,” James Wilsdon, of the University of Sheffield, told this website.

“In terms of where the science piece of this sits, the Commission has been very clear that they don’t see a resolution to the trade association agreement without a resolution to those larger questions,” says the Commission.

Lord Frost said last week that Britain has not broken the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) that was included in the Brexit deal.

Despite the fact that this is a feature of the TCA, the UK is still barred from Horizon Europe.

“We agreed to participate in this in the TCA and we agreed to pay a contribution of £15 billion over seven years,” Lord Frost told the House of Lords.

“The TCA makes it clear that the UK must participate and that the relevant protocol must be adopted; this is a requirement.”

“If it becomes clear that the EU will not fulfill that obligation – which it has not done so far – we will consider them to be in violation of TCA Article 710.”

Following today’s meeting with Mr Sefcovic for talks, the Brexit minister will travel to Brussels for more questioning on the Brexit negotiations.

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