The Uber driver adds 50 minutes to the tourists’ journey, as well as a toll charge.


The Uber driver adds 50 minutes to the tourists’ journey, as well as a toll charge.

An Uber driver took tourists on an hour-long “intimidating” trip for a travel that should have taken only 12 minutes.

Sophie Frankpitt, 19, and her pals Madeleine and Poppy hailed a taxi from Liverpool’s Kirkdale neighborhood to the city center after receiving a £9 quote on the app. The trip should take about 12 minutes because it is only four miles long, but the driver took an hour to get there.

He drove the teens to Wirral, on the opposite side of the Mersey River, through the Mersey tunnels, and even charged the passengers for the toll.

Sophie told the Liverpool Echo, “We believed the driver would be excellent because he had five stars on Uber.” The travel should have taken 12 minutes if it had been a straight line.

“However, it lasted about an hour, and he drove us over to Wirral, charging us for the toll.

“We were quite intimidated and unsure of what to do.”

One of the girls attempted to lower the window to obtain some fresh air, but the driver allegedly took control of the window and raised it again.

“This just contributed to the scary tone of the trip; we felt powerless and very uncomfortable,” Sophie continued.

The quick-thinking girls in the rear of the car, who had been messaging each other, began talking loudly about how they would be meeting one of their fathers and partners.

This appeared to alarm the driver, who turned around and eventually delivered them to their destination – but at a £40 cost.

“We are three young ladies who felt intimidated and frightened, and we would hate for other young women to have to go through the same thing – especially if they were alone,” Sophie stated.

After a difficult year of lockdown, the Somerset teenagers were enjoying a weekend vacation in Liverpool.

Sophie and her mother Catherine have protested to Uber multiple times and requested a refund for the journey, but have been told on several occasions that the matter is closed and that no refund would be given.

After the press contacted Uber, the business refunded Sophie’s account and stated that they are looking into what happened.

“We believe the driver was attempting to pull a fast one after seeing three little girls,” Catherine, Sophie’s mother, stated.


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