The ‘TWTs’ who work from home are slackers; it’s past time we all go back to work to fix Britain.


EVER since the Covid-19 pandemic first swept across Britain, millions of key workers have been going out to face the world.

Plumbers, electricians, NHS and care workers, public transport staff, the police, fire-fighters and many more.

It is now time for the rest of the workforce to join them.

Those of us who travel to places of employment on a daily basis have a name for people who prefer flexible working. We call them TWTs.

That stands for “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday” because those are the days they choose to turn up in the office.

You can pronounce it however you like but I know how I say it.

And any boss who wants their staff to continue to work from home (WFH) also deserves that description.

We have long had the mysterious “Monday illness” that miraculously clears up on a Tuesday and comes back on a Friday.

Smart bosses know that is lazy employees trying to extend the weekend.
Suddenly, we are permitting them — and thankfully they are a minority — to do just that, with TWT.

It is like a return to the Seventies and the disastrous three-day week.
Mondays are vital because you are setting yourself up for the week. On Fridays, you need to prepare for the following week. Being absent on either day is detrimental to a business.

I firmly believe in having face-to-face conversations. People can hide things on Zoom. Only by meeting some-one in the flesh can you judge their character, see how they carry themselves, decide whether they are confident and if they are presentable.

Just when we need to improve young people’s skills, we are damaging them.

When you start a new job you learn from others, by seeing and hearing how the more experienced members of staff operate. That can’t be achieved over a video call. Company means company. It is about bouncing ideas off each other.

At this rate, some of our youngsters will never properly experience the workplace.

You socialise with your workmates, you come up with ideas over coffee and you relax during Friday night drinks.

We now have the tail wagging the dog, with employees deciding when and where they work.

They get to do their washing, gardening, walk the dog and exercise during paid hours. It will get to the point where employees start telling bosses: “Don’t call me at 2pm, I have a nap then.” Allowing people to work from home is the biggest mistake we have made for the economy.

We now have a two-tier system where tradespeople and manual workers — who respectively make up ten and six per cent of the workforce — have no choice but to go out… Brinkwire Brief News.


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