The top five activities to reduce dementia progression if you have dementia.


The top five activities to reduce dementia progression if you have dementia.

According to new research, practicing a variety of unusual jobs and hobbies can lessen the risk of dementia.

Richmond Villages Willaston’s new dementia research has revealed the importance of increasing people’s independence, which carers believe not only helps people live well but also helps them manage their illness. According to a survey, nine out of ten persons who care for a loved one with dementia believe that maintaining independence is critical. In 42 percent of cases, people with dementia who maintained their independence had a favorable impact on their condition. Encourage dementia patients to conduct five unexpected tasks every day as one approach to guarantee they maintain their independence.

In the UK, there are now 920,000 people living with dementia, with the number anticipated to nearly quadruple to 1.6 million in the next 20 years.

Because the condition is so common, even if you’ve never met anyone who has it, it’s crucial to learn how to prevent and manage it.

According to new research, allowing dementia sufferers to maintain some level of independence in daily activities and duties may be the key to preventing symptoms.

“Our independence is strongly linked to our sense of purpose, and can have a big impact on our cognitive ability,” says Fran Vandelli, dementia lead for Richmond Villages Willaston.

“While chores may appear to be tedious, they serve a crucial part in keeping our minds and bodies sharp, lowering our risk of dementia and allowing those who have been diagnosed to live well for longer.”

You might be hesitant to let a dementia sufferer do their own duties, yet it could be beneficial to their overall health.

“With dementia, we know that it’s a use it or lose it situation when it comes to skills, so it’s crucial that we enable individuals continue to do as much as they can for themselves,” said the dementia lead at Richmond Villages Williaston.

“Familiar routines can aid in the creation of meaning.

“There’s also a new notion called Material Citizenship, which suggests that using useful objects like a mop, teacup, or gardening trowel on a daily basis can improve psychological well-being, promote independence, and maintain healthy cognitive performance.”

You would not want to entrust all cleaning duties to a dementia sufferer, but “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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