The top 20 most popular dog adoption areas in the UK have been revealed.


The top 20 most popular dog adoption areas in the UK have been revealed.

DOG adoptions in the UK have risen since the shutdown last year, growing by 14.7% in 2020 – but which places welcomed the most new furry friends?

According to kennel maker Benchmark Kennels, the number of British people looking at dog adoption websites increased from 1,474 in the first half of 2020 to 1,692 in the second half. The business examined websites in the 100 most populated UK towns and cities to determine which places received the largest monthly number of visits online.

The findings revealed the top 20 places in the UK that have sought for puppies and dogs in need of a new home.

With 12,799 average monthly site visitors to dog shelter websites, Watford placed first as the location with the most interest in adoptions in July 2021.

Bristol came in second with an average of 11,916 monthly site visits, followed by Edinburgh with 11,696 monthly site visits.

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has the least interest in dogs among the top 25 cities, with only 820 monthly site views.

“It’s really heartening to see that there’s been a surge in dog adoption, especially considering that lockdown has also resulted in an increase in dog theft and abandonment,” says Cheryl Sampson, marketing manager at Benchmark Kennels.

“Adopting a dog is such a great act of charity since it provides the dog a second shot at a permanent home while also providing the new owner so much joy.”

As the UK’s lockdown restrictions gradually lift, online searches for dog adoption sites have decreased slightly.

From January to June of 2020, there were an average of 22 monthly visitors to dog adoption pages titled “giving up your dog,” which dropped to 17 in the first half of 2021.

Cheryl continued, “As satisfying as it is, dog adoption is a significant responsibility that should not be handled lightly, as you don’t want to make the same mistakes as the previous owner and end up having to give up the pup later.”

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