The Terror Coast! Tourists are being barred from accessing the sea due to shark worries in Spain.


The Terror Coast! Tourists are being barred from accessing the sea due to shark worries in Spain.


Following a police warning, beaches in Spain have been blocked due to shark sightings. A number of locations have been identified. After receiving the shark alarm, town hall authorities in Teulada, Costa Blanca, made the choice. On Saturday, a decision was made to prohibit people from entering the sea at beaches in the municipality, which is located between Valencia and Alicante.

Another area where a shark has been observed is Moraira, a seaside town in Spain.

“The Civil Guard and National Police have alerted Teulada Town Hall about the presence of a shark off the beaches of Moraira,” a representative for the local government said.

“The beaches of Portet, l’Ampolla, and Platgetes are restricted to bathing as a precaution until experts establish the risk the shark poses.

“The alert was raised by a Civil Guard diver when he was performing one of his normal dives.

“Until further notice, all beaches will be marked with a red flag.”

“The Civil Guard and National Police are looking into what kind of shark it is.”

“It also poses a higher level of risk.”

“For the time being, bathing is prohibited on the Teulada Moraira shore until the authorities provide information on safety.”

The announcement comes after a blue shark caused alarm on a beach in Benidorm in August.

After it was discovered on August 12 off the resort’s Poniente Beach, swimmers fled the water.

A few days later, the shark washed up dead on a beach in El Campello, further south.

A woman was brought to the hospital in late August after being attacked by a fish on a Costa Blanca beach.

The scare victim, a middle-aged woman, is thought to have been bitten on her right foot.

The fish was identified as a bluefish, which can weigh up to 30 pounds and grow to be four feet long in some cases, according to local media.

Anchovies, shrimp, and squid are favorites of these fast-swimming fish, which hunt on schools of smaller fish.

This kind of fish has been blamed for a number of assaults on tourists in the area in the past.


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