The Taliban have taken control of a sixth city… They “came in and obliterated everything.”


The Taliban have taken control of a sixth city… They “came in and obliterated everything.”

In war-torn Afghanistan, the Taliban “came and destroyed everything” as they grabbed control of a sixth city in four days.

Militants have defied international demands for a truce, instead launching massive assaults on cities across the country.

Since Friday, the Taliban have taken control of at least five regional capitals, with the northern city of Aybak, close the Tajik border, being the most recent to surrender yesterday.

According to deputy governor Sefatullah Samangani, the Afghan Army departed without a struggle when community elders requested that the city be spared further carnage.

The onslaughts were described as “complete mayhem” by one local.

“Many bombs were landed on our village,” Gul Naaz stated. Everything was destroyed when the Taliban arrived. We were powerless and had no choice but to flee our homes. Our children and we are sleeping on the ground in deplorable circumstances.”

It comes as UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed that the UK attempted to establish a military alliance to support Afghan soldiers.

Mr Wallace also said that Britain was considering redeploying ground forces in the country due to concerns that terrorist organisations could reestablish a foothold.

“I tried talking to Nato states, but practically all of them were not interested,” he stated.

“We experimented with a number of like-minded countries. Some expressed interest, but their legislatures were not. These choices were immediately realized to be blocked off without the United States as the framework nation that it had been.

“We could have sent a force there, but it would have required us to leave a number of other places across the world. “It was not a plausible option.”

The US and Nato agreed to depart within 14 months under a contract signed by former US President Donald Trump and continued by President Joe Biden.

I attempted to contact Nato states, but they were uninterested.

Ben Wallace, the UK’s Defence Secretary,

The Taliban pledged to refrain from attacking Western soldiers and to keep Al Qaeda and other radicals at bay.

The insurgents have kept their end of the agreement, but they have also waged war on Afghan forces.

“The arrangement was a poor bargain, it was flawed,” Mr Wallace added.

“It saddens me that the deal tore away so much of what had been accomplished in Afghanistan over the previous two decades. We’ll most likely return in 10 or 20 years. Acting now, though, is impossible. With.”Brinkwire Summary News,” the damage was done.


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