The ‘strict’ nanny of Prince William and Prince Harry forbade the use of comfort blankets and shoes.


The ‘strict’ nanny of Prince William and Prince Harry forbade the use of comfort blankets and shoes.

According to a new unauthorized royal history, Prince William and Prince Harry’s original nanny was a tough woman with many regulations.

According to a new book, royal babies William and Harry were not allowed to hold a comfort blanket in their hands or to wear footwear in the 1980s. According to historian Robert Lacey’s modified version of “Battle of Brothers,” the first nanny appointed by Prince Charles and Lady Diana had many rigorous restrictions that she made sure the two boys followed.

Barbara Barnes, Princess Margaret’s lady-in-recommendation, waiting’s did not wear a nanny hat or uniform.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, a certified nanny from Bath’s famed 125-year-old Norland College, now works for Prince William.

She wears the traditional brown uniform and cap to royal functions on occasion.

The Spanish nanny was taught child-rearing skills as well as cooking, sewing, and even self-defense and first-aid training as a student.

“Barnes was as strict with the kids, refusing to let them have comfort blankets or shoes until they could walk properly,” Lacey adds.

Ms Barnes was harsh with both Kensington Palace personnel and the young princes, according to the book.

“When they finally got their first pair of shoes, Nanny insisted on vintage Start-Rites with button straps that were fitted to the boys’ feet,” he continues.

“Trainers have been prohibited.”

Barbara Barnes, a member of the Kensington Palace staff, reportedly managed the nursery floor “like the Vatican,” according to royal novelist Ingrid Seward.

Despite her strict instructions, the nanny adored the two boys and taught them how to walk, talk, read, and select clothing and shoes.

According to Mr Lacey, she became “something of a surrogate mother” to William in particular.

Ms Barnes would “bring them into her bed most mornings to frolic and play together, before feeding them their food and passing them on to their parents when they woke,” since the Princes would wake up at daybreak.

“One weekend she [Barbara Barnes] wasn’t there anymore,” Highgrove housekeeper Wendy Berry was reported as stating in Robert’s biography.

Princess Diana began to “cold-shoulder” the nanny, according to the historian, which would explain her absence.

From 1993 to 1999, she was replaced by Alexandra ‘Tiggy’ Pettifer.

Ms. Pettifer was in the company of Prince. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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