The statue of George Floyd was vandalized just days after it was unveiled.


The statue of George Floyd was vandalized just days after it was unveiled.

Only two days after it was unveiled in New York, a statue of George Floyd was vandalized.

Just 48 hours after it was presented on Thursday, a sculpture of George Floyd in Union Square, New York City, was daubed with blue paint. The crime was caught on camera, according to police, and footage shows an unidentified male skateboarder mixing paint before splattering it on the bronze sculpture and escaping.

Although no video of the incident has been released, police have stated that an investigation is underway.

The statue was unveiled with two other statues of John Lewis and Breonna Taylor, both of whom were killed by cops.

They stood about six feet tall and weighed about 1,000 pounds each.

The other statues, according to police, were uninjured.

In New York City, a statue honoring George Floyd has been destroyed once more. A video shows a man on a skateboard splashing paint on the statue before leaving, according to police. After its unveiling in Brooklyn, the statue, which is now in Manhattan, was similarly defaced. “I am outraged by the damage of George Floyd’s statue in Union Square,” Eric Adams, the borough president of Brooklyn and a retired New York police officer, said in a statement.

“Mr Floyd’s assassination last summer sparked a worldwide call for justice.

“The agony of seeing his memorial destroyed should not be added to the trauma of his tragic death.”

According to NBC, the exhibition’s organizers, Confront Art, said participants spent hours wiping the paint off by hand and with toothbrushes.

The installation “See Injustice” will be on display in Union Square through October 30. The sculptures will thereafter be relocated to various places around the United States.

The statue of George Floyd had been on display in Brooklyn prior to its inauguration in Union Square.

It was vandalized with black paint and the phrase “Patriot Front” – a white supremacist organisation – barely five days after it was unveiled in June.


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