The SNP has been mocked for demanding an increase in foreign aid the day after a cut: “We spend £10 billion!”


The SNP has been mocked for demanding an increase in foreign aid the day after a cut: “We spend £10 billion!”

At Prime Minister’s Questions, SNP MP John Nicolson was mocked for asking for an increase in the UK Foreign Aid budget just one day after Boris Johnson won a vote to decrease spending.

Boris Johnson has slammed the Scottish National Party’s attempt to sway the UK government’s position on proposed cuts to foreign aid.

The Prime Minister assured the House of Commons on Tuesday that the cuts to foreign aid would not be permanent, but that any modifications would be contingent on two “important conditions.” During Prime Minister’s Questions, SNP MP John Nicolson demanded that the funding cuts be reversed, prompting Mr Johnson’s mockery.

“I think the people of this entire country should be extremely proud of what the UK is achieving abroad,” the Prime Minister stated.

“Whether it’s educating millions of girls or increasing support for female education, it’s a win-win situation.

“Whether it’s investing £11.6 billion to help countries across the world combat climate change.”

“We spend £10 billion a year on overseas help alone,” he continued.

Mr. Nicolson has previously stated that the Conservative government had voted to “deprive some of the world’s poorest children.”

“Education for girls programs will be guaranteed to be slashed,” he stated.

“Polio elimination plans, as well.

“Most people enter politics to improve the world, but the Prime Minister appears to be an expectation.”

Boris has earlier battled with the SNP in PMQs on racism.

“The Prime Minister’s dog-whistling has followed him into Downing Street,” Ian Blackford alleged.

Mr Johnson was questioned by the SNP’s Westminster leader, who began by applauding the England squad before urging more action against racism.

“This UK Government’s own report on racism concluded there was no systemic problem in the UK in March,” he said. I believe the England Men’s Football Team would disagree.

“Does the Prime Minister still believe that systematic racism is not an issue in the UK, in light of the horrific bigotry on display during the last week?”

“I do believe that racism is an issue in the United Kingdom, and I believe that it needs to be addressed and eradicated using some of the methods that I’ve discussed this morning,” Mr Johnson says.

“However, I’m concerned he’s going after the wrong target when he criticizes our party, my party.

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