‘The situation is growing worse,’ says Boris, who is bracing for a huge crisis as the driver shortage worsens.


‘The situation is growing worse,’ says Boris, who is bracing for a huge crisis as the driver shortage worsens.

With 100,000 openings, Boris Johnson is facing a huge dilemma, as lorry driver shortages threaten to jeopardize UK supplies.

HGV lorry drivers are in short supply in the UK, according to industry leaders who have written a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson in response to rising shortages. Chris Morris of BBC Reality Check gave a bleak picture of the situation when he broke down the scope of the problem on Tuesday. He cited a poll of Road Haulage Association members that revealed that 100,000 driver positions are urgently needed to keep cargo moving.

“No one loves being stopped behind an HGV vehicle on the highway, but they keep the economy moving by transferring stuff throughout the country,” Mr Morris added.

“Now, industry executives wrote to the Prime Minister last month, estimating that there are 100,000 driver shortages across the country based on a survey of members of the Road Haulage Association.

“And that’s based on a total of over 600,000 drivers before the pandemic.

“So a significant portion of that driver population is missing.”

“Thousands of those drivers were EU drivers, and many of them were living and working here, but they have now returned home,” he stated.

“As a result, we’ve received numerous warnings from supermarkets such as Tesco and Haribo, as well as fruit picking firms, the construction industry, and manufacturers that rely on these just-in-time deliveries.

“They’re all basically saying the same thing.

“That the situation is deteriorating.”

With Brexit regulatory changes throwing businesses into confusion, Germany’s logistics industry has apparently been forced into a similar dilemma.

Last month, DW News spoke to one struggling export company in Germany, where employees described lorries being held for days at customs.

Other employees at the freight company complained about the “loads of extra labor” required to complete bureaucratic documents for products moving to the United Kingdom.

“We don’t have enough vehicles for the same amount of freight,” a German logistics manager told DW News. A truck is now gone for a full day, or two days if something goes wrong.

“Right now, one vehicle has been held in France for two days due to incorrect documentation. None of our plans come to fruition.”

Imports from the United Kingdom cause the most problems. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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