The sighting of a UFO near a US Navy boat explosion has been described as “100% proof.”


The sighting of a UFO near a US Navy boat explosion has been described as “100% proof.”

A UFO was allegedly sighted during a US Navy explosive event involving the detonation of a huge bomb near the country’s most advanced ship.

The US Navy detonated a large bomb near the USS Gerald R. Ford off the coast of Florida on Friday, June 18. The bomb was so strong that it caused a magnitude 3.9 earthquake, and the US detonated it to determine if its ship was war-ready.

While the mission was as successful as a detonation can be, some keen-eyed conspiracy theorists noticed something off in the distance.

One extraterrestrial hunter claims to have seen a “kilometer-long” UFO hovering in the distance.

Scott C Waring, a well-known conspiracy theorist, made the accusation.

According to Mr Waring, aliens were watching the event to learn more about humanity’s technologies.

On his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, Mr. Waring made the claim.

“I instantly observed a double disk UFO on the upper left of the screen during the video,” he claimed.

“The UFO is massive, with a circumference of around 1km and is partially concealed amid the clouds, but still visible.

“The UFO can be seen in most parts of the film, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that aliens are watching the US Navy and are interested in this explosion test.

“For decades, UFOs have been spotted flying over nuclear missile silos, nuclear reactors, submarines, and ships carrying nuclear weapons.

“This UFO observing the Navy ship explode just verifies and matches decades of previous military sightings.”

In actuality, the genuine explanation is probably a lot more boring.

What Mr Waring appears to be referring to looks more like a cloud than a UFO in still photos of the explosion.

Most UFOs, according to University of Arizona astronomer Chris Impey, have “mundane” explanations.

He said that there are billions of objects in space near Earth that are most likely the source of alleged UFO sightings.

“Most UFOs have mundane explanations,” he wrote in The Conversation. Meteors, fireballs, and Venus account for more than half of the total.

“While astronomers are familiar with such brilliant objects, the general population is typically unaware of them.”


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