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The shocking message a hotel quarantine guard slipped under the door of traveller in Melbourne

A security guard at a Melbourne quarantine hotel was dumped from the program after slipping a handwritten note under an isolated guest’s door asking her to add him on Snapchat. 

Emails released by Victoria’s hotel quarantine inquiry on Thursday reveal the incident took place at the Crowne Plaza on April 14.

‘The note said something like ‘Hey hun, add me on Snapchat’ – she looked up his name on Facebook and it’s a security guard and wants to complain,’ the email reads. 

An internal email between public servants explained the guard had taken the woman outside of her room for fresh air breaks on two occasions.

‘She looked up his name and looked up on Facebook and it’s a security guard and wants to complain,’ the email said.

‘[REDACTED] is his name – he took her outside a few days ago for outside time … with two other guests … two other security guards.’

Paul Xerri, who was responsible for managing security contractors replied to the email by saying: ‘I will contact Wilson Security now to have this guard removed.’

Another public servant responded to the email chain noting this was ‘the second such incident this week.’

Global Victoria chief executive officer Gönül Serbest later wrote: ‘Paul as you would be aware – we have had significant issues with Wilson from day dot.’

She asked the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions employee to scrap Wilson Security from the quarantine program.

Mr Xerri replied that he would examine their legal options.

‘In the meantime I notice that [REDACTED] at Wilson has written to advise that they are working to improve service delivery at Pan Pacific and will have senior management on site this weekend. Hopefully this helps in the interim,’ Mr Xerri said.

A lack of infection control by private security contractors at quarantine hotels has been blamed for over 90 percent of Victoria’s disastrous second wave of coronavirus cases that has led to extended stay-at-home orders being rolled out across the state.  

The bungled program which opted for private security contractors over police and military personnel has resulted in almost 15,000 coronavirus cases including 440 deaths.

Claims emerged in July that guards had regularly taking quarantine guests to fast food restaurants while they were supposed to be isolating.

There were also accusations that on at least one occasion a security guard had sexual relations with a returned traveller.

Blame over who should be held responsible for the debacle has remained unclear.

Premier Daniel Andrews launched the inquiry into his own government’s handling of the program but has refused to answer questions regarding what exactly went wrong.

Staff from Corrections Victoria have now taken over the botched hotel quarantine program as the state remains on lockdown. 

Victoria on Thursday recorded 113 new coronavirus cases including 23 deaths. 

It was the lowest number of daily new infections since July 5.

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