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The seven ways sex is good for you – from lowering risk of cancer to boosting immunity

HAVING sex at least once a week slashes the risk of early death by half, according to scientists.

The researchers from Washington University followed more than 15,000 participants and found that the more nookie someone had, the lower their risk of dying from cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

Here, sex and relationship expert KATE TAYLOR gives YASMIN HARISHA seven good reasons to share a romp.

A strong immune system is more important than ever right now.

And a fun way to improve yours might be to get busy in the bedroom as often as possible.

A study in 2004 found that people who had sex at least three times per week had 30 per cent higher levels of the disease-fighting antibody Immunoglobin A than those who only managed two or less.

During sex, your brain becomes a Breaking Bad-style laboratory of feel-good chemicals.

Endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine all light up the pleasure centres in your brain and create the feeling of excitement that you feel in the moment, and that blissful afterglow.

The effects can last, too – regular sex has been shown to ward off depression by improving our overall happiness.

Having sex at bedtime can improve the quality of your sleep.

In men, this is caused by the orgasmic release of a chemical called prolactin, which causes them to immediately feel relaxed and tired.

In women, a post-sex surge of oestrogen can enhance REM sleep.

A 2016 review of sleep research concluded that sex might even help insomniacs drift off faster, and stay asleep longer.

Sex is the ultimate “use it or lose it” activity and keeps your bits in good working order.

Having regular action in the bedroom maintains the muscle tone and blood-flow in your private parts and, in women, helps to promote our natural lubrication.

This keeps sex from becoming painful, especially in women who are going through the menopause.

Don’t turn down sex because you’ve got a headache.

It turns out orgasms can cure headaches, as well as menstrual cramps, backache, and even arthritis pain.

The pain-relieving properties of sex are due to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural aspirin (which is why you don’t mind normally agonising activities like hair-pulling and nail-scratching when in the moment).

Prostate cancer is one of the biggest health threats for men over 60. A natural way to ward it off might be to have more sex.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month were less likely to get prostate cancer.

This health benefit starts early, with men having lots of sex in their 20s being safer decades later.

Regular sex can be as effective at lowering blood pressure as taking medicine, according to research by the Georgia State University in the US.

Steamy romps can cut blood pressure by as much as 13 per cent the next day.

But solo pleasure did not have the same effect, so you definitely need a partner to help you get this healthy benefit.

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