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The secret signs Meghan Markle sends with her hairstyles & why we’ll see her ‘back-to-business’ ponytail more now

MEGHAN Markle looked slick with a “back-to-business” ponytail as she did her first Zoom call since signing her mega £112m Netflix deal last week, according to a celebrity stylist. 

Stylist to the stars Lucas Armitage revealed that the Duchess of Sussex, 39, often sends secret signs with her ever-changing hairstyles in the public eye. 

Speaking to Fabulous, Lucas said of Meghan’s tied back ponytail look during her chat with her patronage Smart Works: “We are used to seeing Meghan with a relaxed vibe to her hair, so this slick pony was a change of direction.

“It was also the first time we have seen her since securing a huge deal with Netflix. 

“The structure of this style signals a departure from her low-key lockdown hair and to me is conveying that she means business now she has a huge new project to undertake.”

Lucas added that the movement in the pony “artfully arranged over one shoulder”, indicates she still has her “LA sensibility when it comes to styling her tresses.”

He explained: “Looking at this hair style I would say Meghan approaches business affairs with a girl boss attitude but retains her carefree attitude.”

And this isn’t the first time Meghan has made a bold statement with her hairstyles. 

Meghan wowed royal fans during lockdown at her appearance at the virtual Girl Up summit, where she showed off sleek, straight hair with a centre parting. 

Lucas said we can glean a lot from the style, which was contrasting to how she wore her trademark brunette locks as a royal. 

He said: “This hair to me represented Meghan was happy with her decision making and by wearing a hairstyle that would have previously not been deemed appropriate; it was a subtle way of saying, no regrets.

“It was a bouncy and relaxed hair vibe that singled her new life was one that she was adapting to with ease and enjoyment. 

“Gone was the structure of being a senior royal and this choppy, fresh and sleek style was a welcome replacement.”

While she was a royal, Meghan often showed off her classic “messy bun” look, and Lucas said this represented how she wanted to live a royal life. 

He explained: “In a visit to Birkenhead to celebrate 100 years of the war poet Wilfred Owen’s death Meghan was pregnant with baby Archie.

“Her hair was confirming to what we would typically expect from a senior royal, structured yet with Meghan’s usually slightly relaxed vibe always coming through. 

“This was a time of transition for Meghan and of course with an impending new arrival a time where Meghan was assessing the future of her and Harry in the royal family. 

“Whilst a more structured hairstyle would have been considered appropriate Meghan took the royal staple of a bun and gave it a messy makeover.”

When her hair wasn’t up in a messy bun, Meghan mostly opted for curly locks during public engagements, including on her royal tour to Africa. 

Lucas said: “For some of the visit we see Meghan with her most relaxed hair style as a royal, due to the nature of some of the activities it didn’t feel inappropriate but it did signal Meghan was happy to have a much more relaxed approach to being a royal. 

“It is rare we see a royal with such relaxed hair at official visits so these relaxed beach waves were a real marking point in Meghan’s hair history. 

“The image she portrayed on this tour was really one that she rejected the royal protocol in favour of something altogether more modern, which of course would then be a theme we see become even more prominent.”

Ditching her usual messy up-do, Meghan chose to wear a sleek, slicked-back bun at the Lion King premiere. 

Lucas said of the style: “As we all know this was a night the royal pair did some serious networking with Disney execs and this hairstyle again shows Meghan is happy to adopt a more serious style when she sees fit to do so.

“It’s a much more structured style than we are used to seeing but I feel on this occasion it was more to compliment the nature of the dress she wore. 

“It’s very unlike Megan to adopt such a sharp style but perhaps she wanted to be seen as more serious for this event.”

One of the most recent appearances we’ve seen of Meghan is when she chatted about feminism and voting to activist Gloria Steinem. 

For the occasion, Meghan looked relaxed, with loose waves seen under a straw hat. 

Lucas said: “Here we see what I would call a classic Meghan vibe, the relaxed attire and oversized hat perfectly suit the undone waves for a chat in the garden. 

“It’s a true return to Meghan from her LA blow dry days and one I’m totally on board with. 

“Again it’s a subtle way of Meghan displaying her ease at her decision to take a back seat from royal duty and approach her life in a way she feels comfortable with.”

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