The secret of Princess Elisabeth has been revealed! A 19-year-old Belgian prince is on his way to a famous UK university.


The secret of Princess Elisabeth has been revealed! A 19-year-old Belgian prince is on his way to a famous UK university.

PRINCESS ELISABETH of Belgium has been accepted to a prominent British university to continue her studies.

After spending two years at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, the 19-year-old future Queen of Belgium has finished part of her secondary education in the United Kingdom. She also enrolled for a year at the Royal Military School in Brussels.

Princess Elisabeth is now thought to be transferring to a prominent British university in September to continue her studies.

It is currently unknown which university she will attend or what she will study.

The information is unofficial because the princess is still in the institution’s selection procedure.

Princess Elisabeth will have to take an admission exam, according to Soir mag.

She also attended Yale University’s Yale Young Global Scholars Program.

Her father, King Philippe, also studied overseas and graduated from Stanford University in California with a degree in Political Science.

Princess Elisabeth recently described her first-year experience at the Royal Military Academy (RMA).

The prospective queen has been undergoing rigorous training on a strict schedule for the previous few months.

She is enrolled in a social and military sciences course, where she will learn about the four elements of Belgian defense: Army, Air Force, Navy, and Medical.

“I am used to getting up so early,” she stated ahead of her country’s National Day in July.

“I had to adjust a lot here, but I had a great time.

“I’ve met amazing people and got a lot of fresh experiences.

“On July 21 [Belgian National Day], I hope to see you again.”

Princess Elisabeth is following in the footsteps of King Philippe, who studied at the academy for three years in his late adolescence.

The future Queen’s attendance at the RMA, which she joined in September, has yet to be verified by the royal court.

Last summer, the Belgian queen spent 18 months at the boarding school UWC Atlantic College in South Wales, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, she was obliged to return to Belgium in March.

After a revision in the act of succession made a decade before her birth, Princess Elisabeth is expected to become Belgium’s first female royal.

Belgium implemented absolute primogeniture as a result of this new law, which means that the sovereign’s firstborn will become the next king no. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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