‘The sea was shut!’ Raab bursts because he was paddle paddling when the Afghan turmoil struck.


‘The sea was shut!’ Raab bursts because he was paddle paddling when the Afghan turmoil struck.

DOMINIC RAAB has reacted angrily to reports that he was paddle boarding on vacation while Afghanistan was in disarray.

Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary, has hit back at claims that he took a vacation to Crete during the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. Mr Raab has been criticized for appearing to continue vacationing on the Greek island even as the magnitude of the devastation in Kabul became clear. The Tory Minister has categorically rejected shirking ministerial duties, as well as the notion that he skipped diplomatic calls to go paddleboarding.

“All of those assertions and suggestions are false,” Mr Raab told Sky News.

“We talked about it, and I promised to return on Sunday. I’m not going to add to the rumors about it.”

“The bullshit about me lying on the beach all day is absolutely nonsense,” he added.

“It’s all rubbish about me paddleboarding! It was a red sign that the sea was indeed closed.”

Raab stated, “I was focused on the COBRA meetings, the Foreign Office team, the Director and the Director-General, and international involvement.”

“As a result of the government’s measures, 9,000 British nationals and Afghan laborers have been returned to the UK.”

Mr Raab has been under fire for allegedly ignoring a vital phone call concerning securing the evacuation of Afghan interpreters, prompting calls for him to resign.

The planned call with Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar, however, was “soon overrun by events,” according to the Foreign Secretary.

“The UK Government’s overriding priority has been to secure Kabul airport so that flights can leave,” Mr Raab said in a statement posted by the FCO.

“On Friday, August 13th, my private office received information proposing a call to the Afghan Foreign Minister. The events of the day quickly overtook this.

“The call was delegated to a Minister of State because, on the express advise of the Director and the Director General managing the crisis response, I was prioritizing security and capacity at the airport.

“In any case, because to the quickly deteriorating situation, the Afghan Foreign Minister was unable to take the call.”

“The Government’s approach to prioritizing security at the airport was the appropriate one,” the Foreign Secretary stated.

“As a result, on Monday morning, 204 UK nationals and their families, Afghan workers, and citizens from other nations were evacuated.

“There have been 1,635 since then.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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