The Scottish Labour Party faces a new ‘mass exodus’ when it is abandoned by the third senior leader


Renewed claims of a “mass exodus” are facing the Scottish Labour Party after it emerged that a third senior official is leaving the party just months before the Holyrood elections.

The Daily Record announces that the deputy general secretary of the party, Anne McGinley, is resigning.

This comes just weeks after his resignation was confirmed by General Secretary Michael Sharpe, citing a young family.

It was also announced last month that Lynn McMath, the party’s communications director, was leaving the party to take a new position elsewhere.

Richard Leonard, the Scottish Labour leader, faced heavy internal criticism for the weak showing of his party in the polls.

In last year’s general election, it lost six of its seven seats in Scotland.

It is agreed that former East Lothian MP Fiona O’Donnell will replace Ms. McGinley, an NHS worker, on an interim basis.

“This is confirmation of a mass exodus and a clear sign that this political party is in turmoil.” a Scottish Conservative spokesman said.

“We do not comment on personnel issues. Scottish Labour is preparing for the Scottish Parliament elections.”


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