The Scottish Greens have been labeled a “second nationalist party” for abandoning environmental goals.


The Scottish Greens have been labeled a “second nationalist party” for abandoning environmental goals.

According to former Labour MP Rt. Hon. Brian Wilson, the Scottish Green Party is a second nationalist party “subsisting” on second SNP votes as they abandon their green ambitions with the new nationalist partnership.

Speaking on George Galloway’s “Mother of All Talk Shows,” the former MP slammed the Scottish Green Party’s leadership, accusing them of abandoning their namesake goal and mocking them for cozying up to Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party and SNP voters in order to stay afloat in the electoral system. As it was revealed that the two parties have now voted in favor of a coalition deal that will see the Greens move from opposition to joining the Scottish Government, he accused the Greens of prioritizing issues such as Scottish independence and “transgenderism” over environmental and ecological issues. It comes as Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, the leaders of the Green Party, prepare to take up cabinet positions in the new nationalist coalition next week.

Mr Galloway questioned Mr Wilson on “how green” the Scottish Greens are, since the party continues to back Nicola Sturgeon’s bid for Scottish independence.

“This is a strange marriage of convenience, and it’s all about independence!” said Mr Wilson.

He went on to remark that he “felt sad” for Scottish Green voters who are motivated by environmental and green issues and who appear to have been “left behind” as the Greens focus on Scottish independence issues.

The former Labour MP went on to express his fears about the impact of Scottish independence on environmental programs in the country.

“Putting a boundary across a little island is the polar opposite of many environmental goals,” he said.

“It doesn’t make any sense in terms of the environment.”

Mr Wilson went on to say that the Green Party in the United Kingdom “doesn’t want an awful lot to do with” the Scottish Greens.

In a scathing accusation, Mr Wilson claimed that the SNP “truly survives” in Scotland by gaining “second SNP votes.”

“So it’s truly elected as a subsidiary nationalist party…” he slammed. With a few green tidbits thrown in for good measure!”

Mr Wilson went on to accuse the party of focusing on a wide range of non-environmental problems as a result of which they are continuing to leave. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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