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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Still on the Way, as Well as the Galaxy Z Flip

We’ve all been waiting for Samsung to take another bash at a foldable phone after its somewhat disastrous experience with the first one, and now it seems that it’s got two of the things in the pipeline.

We all assumed that Samsung would be releasing the Galaxy Fold 2 as a follow-up to the Galaxy Fold, and we first got a peek at the company’s new clamshell design at the end of last year. Then it seemed to have undergone a name change, with reports of it being called the Galaxy Bloom which turned out to be an internal name for the device, before being leaked as the Galaxy Z Flip. At this point, Samsung has already re-branded the upcoming Galaxy S11 to the S20 so it was thought that along with the drastic redesign, the Galaxy Fold 2 had also shed its old moniker to embrace a new one.

But it seems that the Galaxy Fold 2 is an entirely separate entity to the Z Flip after all, and that Samsung is working on two foldable devices which is brave, considering the extent to which they fucked up the last one.

The news comes from Dutch website Galaxy Club which is claiming to have knowledge of another device that’s in the works code named Winner 2 or Win2. If you followed development of the first Fold, you’ll know that its code name was Winner, which leads to the reasonable assumption that there’s a second foldable device waiting in the wings and it’s a direct follow-up to the Galaxy Fold.

Presumably it’ll incorporate a similar design, folding vertically, rather than horizontally like the Z Flip. It may even sport the flexible glass we heard rumours about last month. Interestingly, there appears to be 5G variant, code named Win2 5G. The Galaxy Fold also had a 5G model, so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone.

Meawhile, specs for the Z Flip have already leaked and if what we’ve seen is legitimate, we know pretty much everything there is to know about it. The Galaxy Fold 2, however, is a bit more mysterious. [SlashGear]

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