The ruthless ‘Rolex Rippers’ group poses as charity workers in order to rob elderly people.


The ruthless ‘Rolex Rippers’ group poses as charity workers in order to rob elderly people.

It has been revealed that a ruthless gang has been impersonating charity workers in order to take high-value jewelry and cash from elderly people.

The “Rolex Rippers,” as they’ve been dubbed, have taken watches from elderly people in at least 14 separate thefts across Dorset, Hampshire, and Surrey. Victims stated one or two ladies with eastern European accents approached them with a blue clipboard, asking for signatures to benefit a charity for deaf and dumb children in each case.

The burglars take the valuable timepieces from their victims’ wrists in minutes before fleeing in a car.

Despite residing 80 miles apart, brothers Michael and David Parry were pursued by women matching the same description within months of each other, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

On July 8, a Gloucestershire farmer’s £13,500 Rolex was stolen when he was out shopping in his local village grocery.

Meanwhile, David, 91, was robbed in February in Farnham, Surrey, by crooks wielding a clipboard and soliciting charitable donations. They made off with £300 in cash that he had just taken out of the bank.

In all cases, the conwoman was characterized as white, “very slight,” and standing around 5ft 3in tall.

“The modus operandi was precisely the same as in the other incidents – two persons with a blue clipboard asking me to sign it for charity to help deaf people,” Michael explained.

“I took the clipboard and signed it because I didn’t have any money on me, and then she put her hand out to thank me, but she grabbed my hand and shoved me against my car door, shouting at the top of her lungs.

“She was screaming her head off because the transformation was so abrupt and massive. It was as though she was suffering a nervous breakdown. It was completely unexpected.

“I was attempting to push her away because I was afraid that anyone who came around the corner would think I was attacking her. What I didn’t realize was that she was scratching my wrist and eventually yanking my Rolex watch off.

“Then she hopped over the wall and dashed into the car, and they were gone.” “She was wearing a surgical mask and a baseball hat, so it would be impossible for me.”


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