The Royal Family’s’messaging’ is having trouble reaching Canadians who are debating Charles vs. William.


The Royal Family’s’messaging’ is having trouble reaching Canadians who are debating Charles vs. William.

Canadians are struggling to grasp the Royal Family’s brand, messaging, and values as they argue whether Prince William or Charles would make a better king, according to a royal analyst.

Dr. Sarika Bose, an English lecturer and Victorian history expert at the University of British Columbia, spoke to This website about how the Royal Family is viewed in Canada in the aftermath of attacks on royal statues. Dr. Bose discussed the Royal Family’s future, explaining that many Canadians are unfamiliar with royal issues and debate the acceptability of Royal Family members based on arbitrary characteristics. Despite being well-known in the UK, topics like Prince Charles’ climate efforts were not getting through to an usually eco-friendly Canada, according to the professor.

Dr. Bose was questioned whether Canadians will react positively when Prince William and Charles reach the throne.

The royal historian mentioned how climate change problems are becoming more publicly understood and promoted in Canada, especially in light of the country’s recent wildfires, but that no mention of the Royal Family’s climate work has been made.

“[That will be] the point where there will be a lot of questions,” she told This website regarding future kings taking the throne.

“I believe Prince Charles is anticipating this by streamlining the Royal Family’s functions and how the entire institution operates.

“And I believe they will continue to show that they are hardworking, dedicated to the public, and so on.

“Now, the message doesn’t always get through; there is a sort of widespread idea or perception in England and Canada that Prince William is preferred to Prince Charles.

“I believe there are a lot of general perspectives rather than necessarily concrete ones because Canada is a country where climate change, environmental regulations, and other issues are hotly debated.

“Prince Charles has been working on this for decades, but it isn’t seen as being very effective or significant to his persona.

“According to a recent discussion with a few indigenous researchers, this notion of him as an environmentalist is not entirely correct.

“What I’m saying is that there are.”


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