The Royal Family is ‘indignant’ at the BBC’s intrusion, with Prince William’s ‘feelings very row’.


The Royal Family is ‘indignant’ at the BBC intrusion, with Prince William’s ‘feelings very row’.

PRINCE WILLIAM is said to be “very raw” as a result of the BBC’s intrusions into the royal documentary Princes and the Press.

The Royal Family has expressed dissatisfaction with a new BBC documentary that examines the royals’ relationship with the British press, according to BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell.

The BBC documentary, which aired in a number of royal households on Monday nights, caused “irritation,” according to Mr Witchell.

Prince William, according to the royal insider, is “very raw.”

“Irritation in the royal households,” Mr Witchell said to BBC News.

“But we must remember, particularly at Kensington Palace and particularly on the part of Prince William, that he still feels very aggrieved at the BBC over the panorama interview with his mother, which the BBC, of course, was roundly condemned in the Dyson report,” he continued.

“These feelings are very raw, and these two programs, Princes and the Press, have exacerbated them.”

“The Palace is enraged,” the royal correspondent added.

Mr Witchell added, “Partly because the BBC refused to show it to the programmes in advance.”

“These programs are produced by BBC News; BBC News does not produce these programs.”

“They are enraged that ‘overblown and unfounded claims from unnamed sources are presented as facts,’ according to the report.

“Now, that appears to revolve around the program’s suggestion that members of royal households briefed against Harry and Megan in the aftermath of the split between the Cambridges and the Sussexes.”

It comes after BBC presenter Andrew Marr said in the documentary The Princes and the Press that the Duke of Cambridge is “constantly thinking…in a strategic way” about building a working relationship with the media.

“William knows he’ll have to deal with the media day in and day out for the rest of his life,” Mr Marr said.

“As a result, he must establish a working relationship with the media.”

“He’s always thinking, in a strategic way, about how to handle that how to deal with that,” says the narrator.

“I think Prince William has come to terms with the idea that he is going to be king one day, and that the media coverage of his progress to becoming king is going to be an,” Charles Anson, a former press secretary to the Queen, told the documentary’s producers.

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