The Royal Family is ‘exasperated’ with Prince Andrew’s reputation, and he is considered as ‘damaged goods.’


The Royal Family is ‘exasperated’ with Prince Andrew’s reputation, and he is considered as ‘damaged goods.’

A royal expert has labeled Prince Andrew “damaged goods,” claiming that the Royal Family is “exasperated” with the Duke of York.

As the Metropolitan Police reinvestigated the charges made by Virginia Giuffre, Royal Expert Rupert Bell remarked on the announcement that the Metropolitan Police will take no further action against Prince Andrew. Ms Giuffree filed a civil complaint in the United States against Prince Andrew, alleging that he sexually molested her. Prince Andrew has always disputed these allegations and stated that he has committed no misconduct.

Mr Bell alleged that the Royal Family is “exasperated” because the case of Prince Andrew has tarnished the Royal Family’s image.

The royal expert went so far as to say that Prince Andrew is “damaged goods” in the eyes of the Royal Family.

Mr. Bell stated: “This story isn’t going away, but in the grand scheme of things, the Met Police’s decision not to pursue further action may feel like a little of good news for Prince Andrew.

“The backstory was that Metropolitan Police had already investigated the charges, and Cressida Dick had said, “Let’s go back and look at it again to make sure we did it right since the civil lawsuit came out.”

“They have determined that no further action against Prince Andrew is necessary.”

The royal specialist then highlighted the royal family’s reputational damage caused by the public Prince Andrew episode.

He stated, ” “The damage to one’s reputation is still a major concern.

“Not only does he have to react to a civil action by the end of the month, but he also needs to rehabilitate his reputation.

“I believe that within the Royal Family, people are simply fed up with him.

“That, I believe, is one of the reasons they fell at the period, when he is severely damaged products.

“This is notwithstanding Prince Andrew’s insistence on his innocence.”

According to multiple sources, members of the Royal Family have been debating what this civil case would entail for Prince Andrew.

According to the Sun, a source said: “Charles, Anne, and Edward held a meeting, a summit, nine months ago, and concluded that there was no way back for him.”

“William is no admirer of Uncle Andrew,” a friend of Prince William told the Sunday Times “”There’s no way in hell he’ll ever come back,” they continued.

“It will never happen because of the family.”


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