The Royal Family has been challenged to rewild its estates in order to spearhead the revival of natural Britain.


The Royal Family has been challenged to rewild its estates in order to spearhead the revival of natural Britain.

Prince Charles shares Alice Roberts’ dissatisfaction with the glacial pace of environmental change as she calls on Balmoral to restore devastated ecosystems.

People were brought face to face with nature in an unprecedented way during the lockdown. Many of us, from city dwellers to seasoned gardeners, were increasingly concerned about the preservation of natural environments. Wildflower gardens and bug hotels sprang out of nowhere. Individuals, on the other hand, can only do so much. As a result, environmentalists have teamed together to push the Royal Family to lead by example by rewilding their huge estates.

Prince Charles gave their campaign a big boost Wednesday, calling for “fast reform” to prevent environmental devastation.

He expressed his “growing anxiety” over slow development in a Radio 4 interview regarding sustainable farming. “Year after year, I had observed with growing anxiety as many of this country’s priceless landscapes were gradually eroded in the name of efficiency,” he remarked.

“The harm to the natural systems we rely on has been so extensive that we need to make drastic changes quickly to reverse it. Nature must once again be at the center of the equation.”

Professor Alice Roberts, a TV broadcaster, is urging the Royal Family to set an example. “Rewilding a place like the Balmoral estate, which is nearly twice the size of Manchester,” she explains, “would bring the landscapes of the past back to life.”

“With incredible creatures like wolves and golden eagles roaming a rich landscape of woodland and grassland, the following generation will be able to travel through a world that I can only reach through archaeological investigation.

“While those of us fortunate enough to have gardens can help, the Royal estates are large enough to restore entire ecosystems on a tremendous scale.”

The good news is that the Royal Family has responded favorably to an open letter addressed to the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William, which the Daily Express can exclusively reveal today.

The Crown Estate stated, “As with any big landowner, there is always more we can do, and we continue to assess the role our landholdings can play in tackling the challenges we face, particularly the establishment and maintenance of key habitats.”

With the help of a petition signed by, Alice, 48, and other prominent signatories are now seeking to arrange a historic meeting with the royals to discuss estate management. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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