The Royal Air Force (RAF) would not hesitate to strike IS in Afghanistan, according to the UK Air Chief.


The Royal Air Force (RAF) would not hesitate to strike IS in Afghanistan, according to the UK Air Chief.

THE ROYAL AIR FORCE has stated that it is ready to begin additional strikes in Afghanistan against the Islamic State.

Despite the fact that British soldiers have left Afghanistan, the head of the Royal Air Force has stated that forces are ready to launch new strikes in the nation, according to the Telegraph.

On Saturday, the final British troops left Kabul, bringing the country’s two-decade military presence to an end.

Following concerns that the terror threat to the UK may escalate, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab indicated on Monday that the UK is willing to take “any means required” to defeat IS.

“Ultimately, what this boils down to is that we’ve got to be able to play a worldwide role in the global coalition to fight Daesh [IS] – whether it’s striking or bringing soldiers or equipment into a particular country at scale and speed,” RAF Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston told The Telegraph.

Sir Wigston is alluding to the Islamic State, which is also known as Daesh in Arabic.

“I have no doubt that if there is an opportunity for us to participate, we will be ready,” he continued.

“Anywhere where violent extremism rears its head and poses a direct or indirect threat to the United Kingdom and its allies,” he says.

“We can operate in Afghanistan, which is perhaps one of the most inaccessible places of the world.”

The US forces withdrew from Afghanistan on August 31, handing the country over to the Taliban.

According to recent reports from Kabul, pro-Taliban fighters are celebrating the pullout with loud gunfire.

Mr Raab said, “The UK remains united with our coalition allies in grieving those slain in Daesh’s barbaric attack at Kabul airport and in our steadfast collective resolve to destroy Daesh networks using all available measures, wherever they operate.”

More than 15,000 civilians have been evacuated by British forces since August 14.

2,000 evacuees are youngsters, according to Downing Street, with the youngest being just a day old.

Around 5,000 British citizens, as well as 8,000 Afghans formerly employed by the UK and their families, have been evacuated from Kabul.

Those who were thought to be in danger from the Taliban were also evacuated.


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