The removal of a journalist’s banner by Tokyo Olympic officials has left him speechless.


The removal of a journalist’s banner by Tokyo Olympic officials has left him speechless.

JOURNALISTS were taken aback when Tokyo Olympic officials urged them to take down their flags and cease chanting.

The event occurred in a press box during a boxing match in which India’s Lovlina Borgohain battled for a bronze medal. Ms Borgohain took first place in the competition and received a bronze medal. The Indian journalist was saying “come on India, knock her out” while shooting pictures, according to The Guardian’s top sports reporter Barney Ronay.

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Officials from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) reportedly warned him to stop shouting and asked him to take down the Indian flag.

“A little harsh,” Mr Ronay added. He’s in his sixties. Allow him three minutes.”

Many people have used social media to air their grievances.

“Why is it that the IOC appears to be the individuals who least grasp the spirit of the Olympics?” one Twitter user wondered.

“Much better than how you blokes screamed it’s coming home and embarrassed yourselves,” another added.

“If he is an accredited media member, it is incorrect,” wrote a third.

“What is there to joke about?” questioned another person. Everyone encourages and motivates their fellow citizens.”

Others argued that “professional journalists don’t normally yell crazy rubbish in the press box.”

The announcement comes after a magnitude 6 earthquake struck Japan just off the coast of Tokyo, raising concerns for the Olympics, which are presently taking place in the capital city.

The quake struck six miles beneath the surface of the sea east of Tokyo.

The aftershocks of the magnitude 6 tremors were seen by several journalists at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The aftershock was felt by Mark Beretta, an Australian journalist, when he was live on air for Sunrise.

“Welcome back to the Olympic city, where we are currently experiencing an earthquake, an earth tremor,” Mr Beretta remarked.

“You might notice our lights and camera are shifting since the roof above us is moving.”

“That was a strange event for me; I had never experienced an earthquake before,” he continued.

“We’re in a tower that would normally be constructed of scaffolding, but it’s made of construction steel here.”

As a result, there is no tsunami threat, according to reports. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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