The refusal of Nicola Sturgeon to resign demonstrates the SNP’s’stuck in a rut,’ and is a hammer blow for independence.


The refusal of Nicola Sturgeon to resign demonstrates the SNP’s’stuck in a rut,’ and is a hammer blow for independence.

According to a journalist, NICOLA STURGEON is “locked in a rut” after declaring she was “going nowhere.”

Ms. Sturgeon’s announcement that she would stay on as First Minister of Scotland for another term was covered by Tom Harris. Mr Harris looked at why the SNP is doing so well despite falling support for independence.

He stated, “There are clearly those in the independence movement who believe that a more forceful approach – and even a new leader – might produce independence on a shorter timeline than that envisaged by Sturgeon,” in an essay headed “Sturgeon is trapped in a rut.”

“That’s what the rival nationalist party Alba’s recent launch was all about.

“These individuals have little patience with the First Minister’s intention to repeat the formal procedure that resulted in a legitimate referendum in 2014, a result that would be respected on both sides of the border.”

“That path is closed unless Boris Johnson’s administration agrees to another such transfer of authority to allow the Scottish Government to hold another referendum.”

“Recent Supreme Court decisions imply that their lordships are wary of bending the wording of the Scotland Act to allow Holyrood to legislate on matters that are clearly beyond its purview.”

“Which puts Sturgeon in an awkward position of pledging a fresh referendum by the end of 2023 despite the fact that she and her ministers know she doesn’t have the power to carry it out.”

“Instead, she’s hoping to persuade the British government to help her by accepting what she calls her “unarguable” argument for a rerun vote.”

Laura Kuennsberg recently chatted with Nicola Sturgeon about her future intentions.

During this conversation, the First Minister refused to discuss his retirement plans.

“It’s almost as if my opponents have realized they can’t beat me or remove me from office myself,” Ms Sturgeon added.

“So they’re crossing their fingers and praying that I’ll resign from my position.”

“However, they will be disappointed because I will be around for much longer.”

“Given her many Tory and Labour leaders have come and gone, and in my tenure as First Minister, probably a lot longer than they, and a lot longer than they may like me to be,” SNP leader Alex Salmond continued.

“I was chosen seven months ago after asking people in Scotland to put their names forward.”


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