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The REAL story behind video of ‘fruit-spitting’ shopper being arrested at a Woolworths

Dramatic footage of a shopper being arrested in a Woolworths supermarket after she was apparently caught spitting on fruit has been exposed as fake.

When the footage was first shared online, it was claimed that police were called to the supermarket in Sydney’s west after the woman was caught spitting on fruit. 

The fake news post alleged the woman, 54, had tested positive for coronavirus.

However, it has since been revealed that the viral footage has been edited and is in fact of two different incidents involving two women.   

The first part of the footage was actually shot in Gordon, in Sydney’s north, on March 19 and involved a woman who had refused instructions from police.

She was arrested but later released without charge.

The second part of the video appears to be blurry CCTV vision of a woman spitting or sneezing on bananas.

Eagle-eyed social media users pointed out the women sneezing on fruit was wearing a different outfit to the woman being arrested.

The supermarket in the second clip looks nothing like an Australian supermarket. 

In the footage, of the Australian arrest a police officer was forced to say: ‘Put your hands out!’ 

‘You’re resisting arrest. Do you understand that? I told you five times, just listen,’ the officer said.

The hysterical woman, who was holding shopping bags, then responded: ‘I didn’t do anything wrong,’ while clasping her hands together against her chest to avoid being cuffed.

The police officer asked the woman to put her hands out several more times while shocked onlookers began to gather.

A New South Wales Police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia the customer was repeatedly asked to leave the store by staff and police.

‘She refused, and the 54-year-old woman was arrested and taken to Gordon Police Station,’ the spokeswoman said. 

‘She was spoken to about her behaviour at the store and released.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment.

Panic buying in recent weeks sparked by the spread of coronavirus at the beginning of March has seen stores stripped of essentials such as toilet paper, pasta and tinned and other dried food.

Some shoppers have even become embroiled in ugly confrontations over the limited stock, particularly toilet paper.

On March 6, three women were filmed in a shocking fist fight over toilet paper at a Woolworths supermarket.

The bizarre brawl is understood to have taken place in Chullora, 15km west of Sydney’s CBD, when Australia’s coronavirus panic began to set in.

Hysterical screaming broke out as the trio battled in the aisles, with the incident seemingly stemming from a mother and daughter stockpiling toilet paper. 

The fight began when a third woman tried to take one of the precious packets from the trolley, sparking mayhem.

A day later, video went viral of an elderly woman slapping another shopper across the face as they scrap over the last packet of toilet paper in a Melbourne Coles.

The younger woman appears to have a huge stash of toilet paper already.

Stark photos showed empty shelves and jam packed trolleys as shoppers flocked to supermarkets and cleared the shelves.

Last week Scott Morrison urged Australians to stop hoarding food and other essential supplies, as fights between anxious customers broke out at supermarkets around the country.

The Prime Minister said the panic-buying chaos sweeping grocery stores has been one of the ‘most disappointing things’ he has seen in ‘Australian behaviour’ in response to this crisis. 

‘Stop hoarding. I can’t be more blunt about it. Stop it,’ Mr Morrison said as he addressed the nation on Wednesday.

‘That is not who we are as a people. It is not necessary. It is not something that people should be doing.’

Supermarkets have been forced to introduce buying limits on items due to the surge in demand for goods.

Coles customers are limited to buying just one pack of toilet paper and two packets of pasta, flour, rice, paper towels, hand sanitizer and other essentials.

Woolworths is also enforcing buying limits of one packet of toilet paper, baby wipes and rice per shopper.  






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