The ‘Real Life Squid Game’ is heading to the UK, with players being transported to an unknown location.


A ‘real life Squid Game experience’ is coming to Britain to recreate the thrilling events of the hit South Korean Netflix show with real world challenges and actors – and hopefully no deaths

A “real life Squid Game experience” is coming to the UK and it’s even handing out a cash prize for the brave winner.

The South Korean survival drama has become Netflix’s biggest show ever and has causes shockwaves across the world as millions of people continue to binge the series.

In the gruesome programme, a range of downtrodden people take part in a series of children’s games with one catch – if you win, you stay in the game, if you lose, you die.

And now, a ‘real’ version is coming to the UK.

Just like on the show, contestants will be competing for a cash prize, albeit a much lower amount that was offer on the show.

The lucky winner will be able to take home at least £500 and all the losers are thankfully able to return home alive.

All contestants will have to sign ‘medical disclosures’ to make sure they are fit enough to take part in the five physical and mental challenges.

‘Squid Game Live’ is being organised by Universal Ents, who say they have hired security staff to ensure contestants comply with all the rules.

Forty contestants will be picked up by coach from a meeting point in North West England and taken to an undisclosed location to participate in the challenges.

An extra layer of fear is hoped to be added by live actors, who will be adding a level of ‘uncertainty’ to the event.

Creative director, Max Fox, said: “We want to make sure our experiences are safe, but still as riveting as the games seen on the Netflix smash Squid Game, but due to the violent nature of the hit show, we want to be cautious that the events don’t attract unstable people.

“This is a pain-free experience. There will be no paintballs, guns or otherwise, but don’t be afraid of getting wet.

“We want to make the games as realistic as possible, without the risk of injury. Some of our games you won’t have seen before, but there needs to be an element of surprise and mystery so people really don’t know what they’re letting themselves in for.”

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